DailyNutra is a smart nutrition company passionate about optimal health. We formulate, design and manufacture high quality nutritional products made from premium ingredients and backed by human clinical science. Our mission is to help you go from surviving to thriving.

Science Based Formulas

All of our formulas are based on reputable clinical trials, with focus on human, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies – the gold standard for real science. We provide references to reputable scientific studies related to our ingredients. To help you make the best decisions about your health. We believe science is the basis for a safe, effective and personalized health supplements program.

Ingredient Purity

All ingredients are professionally lab tested for impurities, ensuring you get a safe and pure product every time. We seek out and prioritize organic and non-gmo ingredients.

Source Transparency

We provide total transparency with our ingredient origin, purity, and potency allowing you total confidence that you’re getting what you pay for. We provide nutrient profiles on all ingredients including origins, benefits and reputable studies. Ingredient assays available upon request.

Professional Manufacturing

Our manufacturing facility is located in Campbell, California USA and is General Manufacturing Practices certified, the gold standard in clean facilities. We start by sourcing the highest quality nutrients in their pure forms. All source materials are then thoroughly lab tested for impurities. Next they are mixed, encapsulated and bottled. From here, cases are shipped to our fulfillment partners who await your order.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer hassle free returns within 60 days on all products, opened or unopened.

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