Announcing Neptune Krill Oil Formulas

DailyNutra partners with Neptune Technologies & Bioresources and Friend of the Sea to bring to market an innovative line of high absorption, sustainable krill oil formulas targeting heart, joints and brain.

Fairfax, CA (10/1/2015)— DailyNutra™ launches Omega Supreme™ Krill Oil Formulas made with pure Neptune Krill Oil™ and certified sustainable by Friend of the Sea™. Three condition-specific formulas include Omega Supreme Heart & Circulation Formula™ with CoQ10, Omega Supreme Brain & Vision Formula™ with Lutein, and Omega Supreme Joints & Bones Formula™ with D3.

Krill oil is a well researched and popular supplement because of its highly absorbable Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Now, recent studies by Neptune Technologies & Bioresources show that krill oil also improves the absorption of secondary ingredients when taken together. When combined with Neptune Krill Oil™, CoQ10 is 25x more absorbable, D3 is 2x more absorbable, and Lutein is 8x more absorbable. By combining Neptune Krill Oil™ with key supporting ingredients for heart, joints and brain, Omega Supreme™ Krill Oil Formulas have more impact than the same supplements taken separately.

“We chose to partner with Neptune Krill Oil™ because we wanted the most potent and pure krill oil available, backed by solid science,” says Joey Shepp, DailyNutra™ CEO, “We partnered with Friend of the Sea™ for our sustainability certification because of their strict auditing and high integrity in protecting marine habitat. The final result of this collaboration is a ground-breaking line of enhanced krill oil supplements, backed by science and sustainability.”

Omega Supreme™ Krill Oil Formulas provide targeted, high absorption ingredients in a small, easy to swallow soft gel capsules. The formulas are available now for purchase on and select retail outlets. Learn more at

About DailyNutra™:

DailyNutra™ is a premium natural supplements company supporting people in living long, active lives. With a dedication to science-based formulas and potent, natural ingredients, DailyNutra™ is launching innovative products for the modern supplements user.

About Neptune Technologies and Bioresources:

Neptune is an industry-recognized leader in the innovation and production of science-based omega-3 phospholipids products for the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets.

About Friend of the Sea™:

Friend of the Sea™ is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, whose mission is the conservation of the marine habitat.