Herbal T Launches New Packaging – and a complimentary eBook!

Herbal T Natural Testosterone Booster features new packaging and complimentary eBook.

DailyNutra’s top-selling product received an update in Fall 2015 when a new box design was added to its standard packaging. Previously sold in bottle form only, each bottle of Herbal T™ is now delivered in an informative box.

The new packaging includes additional details about Herbal T™ and its benefits, as well as information about DailyNutra™ and its mission. These updates support the company’s mission of informing and educating about health and wellness through its products.

Inside the new packaging, the Herbal T™ Natural Testosterone Booster formula itself is unchanged, delivering the same blend of lab-tested 100% plant-based ingredients.

ebook1New Bonus! Complimentary eBook with Purchase of Herbal T™

To support the growing community interested in natural testosterone boosting, DailyNutra™ has also published an ebook to complement the use of Herbal T™. The new ebook, titled Natural Testosterone Boosting, gives tips on how to use diet, exercise, and supplements to support a natural increase in testosterone for improved, long-lasting results.

“We want our customer to get the most our of our supplements, so we’ve designed this complimentary eBook to help men learn about supporting healthy testosterone levels, naturally,” says Joey Shepp, DailyNutra™ CEO.

The eBook is available complimentary with the purchase of Herbal T™ – or will be available for purchase online.

Herbal T™ is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

About DailyNutra™

DailyNutra™ is a natural wellness company, passionate about helping people achieve optimal health. We design premium nutritional supplements, integrated with the tools and information needed to stay on track with your daily health routine.