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Joe Kolarz
“I researched a lot to find a natural testosterone booster and this one seemed like the best candidate and it’s been working really well for me. I take two capsules a day in the morning with my vitamins. They’re really easy to swallow. I’ve noticed a big increase in energy and it’s really been helping with my exercise and weight lifting. I recommend anybody who is fatigued or has issues with testosterone to give it a try.”
Joe Kolarz / Boyertown, Pennsylvania
Bruce Weaver
“I’m pleased with the results so far. I’ve been a weightlifter for 30 years and as I’ve aged I’ve needed to change my workout. One thing that decreases is stamina. Herbal T has restored that for me. It has also returned more feeling for me when it comes to intimacy with my lovely wife. I take herbal T at least once a day usually about an hour before I hit the gym. I’m in my late 50’s yet I am able to maintain the physique I had as a teenager. Herbal T helps me continue that.”
Bruce Weaver / Wheeling, Washington
Julianne Glitsch, RN
“My husband has been taking Herbal T for two months. The results have been better than we expected and quicker acting than any other product he has tried. We have seen an improvement in his blood pressure,the lung congestion seems to have decreased, he is more focused, his memory has improved,he seems more relaxed, and he has experienced an incredible positive change in his sexual function. Not only does he smile a lot more…I do too! Thanks for the wonderful product.”
Julianne Glitsch, RN

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